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Copy giao dịch forex trên một máy tính




  • Copy One to Many & Many to One.
  • Fast & Accurate Execution.
  • Easy installation.
  • Simple operation.
  • Any MT4 broker, any pair, any trade type.




Main functions and Demonstration


  • Copies trades from One to Many and Many to One.
  • Executes series of trades without delaying.
  • Fast execution, less than 0.5s.
  • Acts on vary currencies or metals with a single EA.
  • Automatically detects Postfix and Suffix of pairs, if any
  • Works with all types of orders (Market or pending orders).
  • Handles partial close.
  • Be compatible with different MT4 brokers.
  • Lot-size multiple or fixed for each slaver.
  • Be able to replicate REVERSE trades.
  • Symbol filter or rename.
  • Simple operation and less-consuming of CPU.





  • Master and Slaver accounts must operate on separated MT4 terminate and on the same PC/VPS.
  • Trade password of slaver is required.
  • Read-only password for Master is necessary.
  • PC/VPS must be connected to internet for 24h/5days.
  • Work on MT4 for Window OS (any version).



  • Use ONLY one EA for each slaver to avoid double copy.
  • Delay may happen due to either your internet speed or liquidity of broker.
  • Some trades may be missed from Master in some rare cases if price moves too fast or too many requotes.







  • MT4 login-number account will be used for register.
  • Time-limitted license will be applied on each Slaver account.
  • Completely FREE for all Master.


Payment terms:


  • All payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Registered account number cannot be changed.
  • More information for bank wire or direct payment,.
  • If you want to register for serveral accounts at a time, please send email to info@maxpro.vn.


Payment process:


  • Fill your information, select price option then click on payment method.
  • Attached files (EA and manual) will be sent to your email one fees is paid.
  • Note: NganLuong should be used for Vietnamese only.





MaxPro Copier has been developed from 2010 by expert team of Maxpro.vn. This tool has been shared and used for thousand of accounts all over the world.


MaxPro Copier has helped a large number of traders, account and PAMM system manager expand their business but reduce operation cost.


MaxPro Copier is simple to install and operate. Only one single EA (.ex4 file) without any extra file

Copy giao dịch forex



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